- automated captcha recognition service.

Captchas are images containing distorted text that should be entered or a set of different images where you should select only those fitting some condition. All this needs to be done to confirm that you're not a robot. SolveCaptcha is made to connect customers who need to recognize many captchas in real time and workers who earn money recognizing captchas.

For customers

SolveCaptcha can recognize any currnly known captcha. We have a pool of workers online who can recognize up to 10 000 captchas per monute (we can recognize mode if the load will grow smoothly).

For workers

SolveCaptcha is your first online job. Earnings are no huge but it's not a full time job with strict requirements and it allows you to have some additional income in your free time.

How does it work?

We have customers who need to recognize lots of captchas in real time. And we have workers who are waiting for captchas to solve. Our service delivers captchas from customers to workers and answers from workers to customers.

How does that happens?

1. Worker requests a captcha. If we do not have a captcha then worker is placed to a queue waiting for captcha.

2. Customers uploads a captcha to our service

3. We give an unique ID to the captcha, send this ID to customer and charge his balance for solving the captcha.

4. We assign that captcha to a worker from queue (to that worker who is waiting more time)

5. Worker immediately solves the captcha and sends the answer to our service

6. We store the answer in our database and add funds to worker's account for solving the captcha.

7. When customers requests the answer by ID of captcha, we return the answer or if the answer is not ready yet, we tell to wait a little bit.

8. If suddenly the answer was incorrect, customer complains incorrect recognition and the asnwer is checked by workers with high rating who decide was the answer correct or not.